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Here are some of the items we have on Clearance!
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Prices good when you mention our website!! (Many are “one only”, so don’t wait!)
Also:  Be sure to check our eBay auctions @ user id petesmusicUSA !!!

(Mention website to get these deals; no shipping; local pickup only.)
All specials are good when you print or mention this website, post or ad!  (Limited to stock on hand, no back orders or rainchecks).
(All items are USED unless otherwise indicated).  Most of the items listed below are "one only", so hurry! NOS means "New Old Stock";
which means new, never used, and was either a display or demo model, or an older version, or purchased from another retailer.

28780 Old Town Front St #A-4 | 951-308-1688

Toca Timbales, chrome, used, $99.95 !
Rototoms, used, with stand, $99.95!
Pacific double bass drum pedal with bag, $99.95!
Synsonics 22” bass drum, just $39.95!!
Generic drum sticks, just $4.99 per pair!

Smarvo PA Cabinet, one 15” speaker & one horn, model PS382, just one only, just $75!!
Vintage Peavey PA cabinets, one 12” speaker & one piezo horn, model #112PT, just $99 for both cabs!  
Squier by Fender PA cabinets, well used, model SQ12,
just $50 for both!!
Vintage Ampeg Gemini IV amplifier, good condition, just $499.95!
David Eden bass head, with rack/bag enclosure, World Tour, dual
channel, twin Triode, hybrid bass guitar amp, used, just $399.95!
IA “Industrial” brand Overdrive 15 Class AB2 Amplifier boutique
tube amp with one Celestion Vintage 30 speaker, used, good condition, just $1495 obo.   

Violins from $49.95! (fractional sizes only, may need repair or adjustment).
Blaxx, Mooer and Nu*X effect pedals, up to 30% off while they last!
Kid’s 3 piece drum set, brand new, silver, 12” bass drum, just $99.95!
Peavey PVi microphones, low or hi impedance, new, just $19.95!
Check out our “Books for a Buck”! 
Hundreds of titles for all instruments!
Used CD’s:  $4.99 for one, 5 for $19.95, 10 for $29.90, 20 for $49.80, or get 100 titles for $99 !!!!

Band & Orchestral
Cello - - body only, needs repair, great project instrument, just $50!
Student/beginner violins, various sizes, from $49.95!  
(Will need repair and/or adjustments).

Miscellaneous Guitar and Bass Amplifiers & Speaker Cabinets
Mesa Boogie Nomad Tube Amp, $1195.00!
IA / Industrial Amp, model Overdrive 15, boutique tube amp, $1495!
Randall Guitar Amp Head, RG120ES, just $299.95!
Peavey Artist amp, very clean sounding, 1980's vintage, $299.95!
   Stagg Practice amps for guitar from $69.95!

29800 Bradley Rd. #107 | 951-301-8088

All specials are good when you print or mention this website, post or ad!  
(Limited to stock on hand, no back orders or rainchecks).

Roland JC-120 guitar or keyboard amplifier, used, good condition, just $599.00!
Supro Coronado Electric guitar tube amp, NOS, just $799.95!
Fender ROC Pro 1000 Amplifier, just $199.95 (used, good condition)!
Ampeg SVT410HLF bass cab, just $299.95!
ORANGE Crush 50BXT, bass amp, just $239.95!
ORANGE Crush 20RT, NOS*, just $129.95!

PDP Kid's 5 piece drum set, used, with cymbals and hardware &
throne (seat), used, but xlnt condition, just $99.95!

Ibanez Gio electric guitar, 2 humbuckers, white, strat style, very good condition, used, just $119.95!
Peavey Rockmaster electric guitar, silver, one pickup, good condition, used, just $99.95!
"Vintage" brand electric guitar, Les Paul style, one P-90 pickup, tobacco sunburst, just $299.95! (N.O.S.*)
Black left handed Epiphone Les Paul Standard electric guitar,
just $299.95!  Excellent condition!

Generic wood clarinet, used, just $249.95!  
Round Bass mike stands, just $19.95!
Check out our selection of $1 books!  Great value!

Heavy Duty Music Stand, Nomad, model #NBS1410, $29.95!
Classic Guitar foot stool, overstock, NOS*, Nomad model NFS-G301,
just $9.95!  Every serious classic guitar player needs one!
FRENCH HORN, single, just $499.95!
Bell Kit (bells and bag only), well used, just $39.95!!

(*= means “N.O.S.” or “New-Old Stock”. In this case, some of the
“NOS” items were purchased from another music store that went
out of business).
Most INSTRUMENT RENTALS (flutes, clarinets, trumpets, violins,
snare kits, bell kits) range from $10.50 -  $28.00 per month!!
(Some are more, some are less).
Most Saxophones, Cellos range from $21.00 to $56.00 per month!!*
* (Best rate is based on 10 months paid in advance, theft and
damage protection NOT included, subject to availability, major
credit card and valid US ID required to rent.)

For more information,
email us @
OR, or call the store(s)
at the telephone number listed above!!