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Average rental prices for most instruments (flutes, clarinets, trumpets, trombones, percussion instruments & violins) can range from $10.50 to $35 per month, depending upon the plan and options selected. Saxophones, cellos and other instruments can range from $28 to $63 per month (on average) depending upon the plan that you choose.
Prices will also vary depending upon age, condition, and brand(s) of instruments. The lowest prices are based on 10 months paid in advance. New items are slightly higher and may have minimum rental periods. Major credit card & US ID required to rent. Two month minimum required for all rentals. Ask about our sale items and “buy back” plan also! Cleaning supplies, books, accessories and much more also available!!

More “details” on our most popular instruments:
Our most popular plans are our 3 month and 10 month plans. On our 3 month plan, you would pay $60.00 in advance plus tax, which is like getting your instrument for just $20.00 per month; and on our 10 month plan, you would pay $140.00 in advance, plus tax, which is like getting your instrument for just $14.00 per month, plus tax. You can also rent for just one month at a time, but that would run $28.00 per month, plus tax, with a two month minimum. We also have a 6 and a 8 month plan; call store for details.


Need to rent a piece of gear for tomorrow night’s gig?  
Did your amp blow up at rehearsal? 
If you need an instrument or sound system or piece of equipment for any of the following:  
Weddings - Concerts - Church Services - School or Church Plays or Programs - Club Dates - Auditions - 
Company Picnics or Meetings - Music Festivals & more !! 
We can also DELIVER, SET UP, RUN SOUND, AND TEAR DOWN (remove) the equipment you need for your 
special event!!   Call or email for a price quote!
Then, be sure to give us a call!! Pete’s Music has gear available for short term rentals, such as guitars, amps, drums, keyboards, p.a. systems with or without CD players, wireless microphones, and much more!! Even “upright basses”! (Our rental inventory changes from time to time, so be sure to give us a call when you need something “short term” or on “short notice”!!) 
We may have just what you’re looking for!!

Visit or call Pete’s Music Store nearest you for more details!!

29800 Bradley Rd. #107
28780 Old Town Front St. #A-4